Additive Light Productions creates custom videos for use in television, film, live events, and online. From concept creation to a polished final product, we navigate every step of production with the best possible result in mind.


motion graphics

From creative explainer videos to full-blown 3D coolness: we move fluidly between differing styles and techniques to provide the final product that best fits your needs and budget.

live action

Whether cinematic story telling, multi-camera interviews or capturing real life people and places; we love creating beautiful images that will move your audience and enhance your brand.

VFX Compositing

Visual Effects Compositing is where our two specialties meet: Enhancing footage by adding elements, or removing objects, or transporting an actor to an entirely new world. Whatever the story demands we make reality.

Many of our clients don't need a start-to-finish solution, but instead only need help with a portion of their project or want to take a project beyond the level of their in-house team. We work with agencies, other production companies, and in-house creative teams to help them hit their deadlines and keep their clients coming back.


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